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Bingo's Kennel
Purchase Agreement

This contract pertains to the following puppy as described:
Breed: ______________________________________ DOB: ________________ Gender: ________________________
Color(s): _________________________ Coat Pattern: ___________________ Markings: ________________________
Registry and Litter Number: _________________________________________________________________________
Sire:        Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Registry and Registration Number: ___________________________________________________________________
Dam:      Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Registry and Registration Number: ___________________________________________________________________

The following terms and conditions are agreed to between Bingo's Kennel, herein referred to as Seller and 
Buyer, _____________________________________________________________________________________.
Street Address of Buyer: _____________________________________________________________________.
Mailing Address of Buyer if different than Street Address: __________________________________________.
Home Phone # ________________________________  Cell Phone # __________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

SELLER agrees to sell and BUYER agrees to buy based on the following conditions:

This puppy/dog to be sold with: (seller and buyer initial one option below)
Full Registration (show/breed rights) ______/______ OR Limited Registration (spay/neuter contract) ______/______

If puppy/dog is sold with a spay/neuter contract, BUYER agrees to have puppy spayed or neutered before 9 months of age or within 3 months for dog/puppy which is currently 6 months old or older.  Damages for breeding a dog that was purchased with a spay/neuter agreement will be $5,000 for he first occurrence and $10,000 for any additional occurrences.

The first word in the registered name of said puppy/dog is to be "Bingo's" if this puppy is sold with full breed/show rights or if the puppy well be competing an any AKC competitions.  

The SELLER will provide up to date health information to BUYER at time of transfer of puppy/dog along with registration applications forms, unless puppy/dog is being sold with a spay/neuter contract, in which case SELLER may hold the registration papers until written proof of spay or neuter is provided from a veterinarian, (such as a copy of your receipt).  At that time a limited registration will be given to BUYER.  By signing a spay/neuter contract, BUYER accepts the agreement that this puppy/dog will not be bred, unless SELLER and BUYER later come to an agreement that this puppy/dog is of breeding quality and SELLER agrees to change said puppy/dog's registration to a FULL registration with an additional fee, (amount to be determined by SELLER), to be paid from the BUYER to the SELLER at that time.  

If SELLER evaluates a puppy/dog to be of pet quality, that puppy will be sold with a spay/neuter contract.

If SELLER evaluates a puppy/dog to be of show/breed quality, SELLER has the right to sell the puppy with full registration rights or with a spay/neuter contract.  SELLER will evaluate each puppy/dog to the best of her ability, however, she cannot guaranty a puppy/dog's perfect conformation, temperament, or how it will perform or be evaluated in the show ring.  As a breeder, SELLER has to the best of her ability attempted to breed a quality representation of the breed.

SELLER does not guaranty the size that a puppy will grow to as an adult. 

The BUYER shall maintain the puppy/dog in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm prevention, professional teeth cleaning as needed, good diet, regular nail trimming, and a clean and safe environment. 

Breeder agrees to have puppy examined by a veterinarian of her choice before transfer of puppy to buyer.  If any condition is found which may compromise the health of the puppy, the condition will be listed below and initialed by both seller and buyer.   If buyer chooses to accept the purchase of the dog/puppy anyway.  Once dog/puppy is placed into the care of the buyer, buyer will assume all care and medical expenses for the puppy/dog.
Medical Condition(s): _______________________________________________________________________________
SELLER signature: _________________________________________________________________________________
BUYER signature: __________________________________________________________________________________

72 hour (3 day) Health Guarantee:
Unless notated above, SELLER guarantees puppy/dog to be sound and free of disease at time of transfer of said puppy/dog to BUYER for a period of 3 days.  BUYER may have said puppy examined by a licensed small animal veterinarian within 3 days of receipt of dog.  If said puppy/dog is found to have any illness or unsoundness during this time period, as evidenced by a signed, written report by a licensed veterinarian, BUYER will have the option to return the puppy/dog, along with registration papers and vaccination record, to the SELLER within 4 days.  BUYER must notify SELLER of the illness or unsoundness within 12 hours of diagnosis.  Return shipping/travel expense to be split 50/50 between SELLER and BUYER.  The BUYER will then have the option to receive a full refund of the purchase price of said puppy/dog or to receive a replacement puppy/dog as soon as comparable puppy/dog of equal value becomes available.  SELLER has the right to request a second opinion from a non-associated veterinarian within a reasonable distance of BUYER'S home.  If BUYER decides to keep said puppy/dog, BUYER will assume all expenses involved with said puppy/dog's care. 
*We do our best to keep our dogs and puppies free of parasites.  However, we live on a small farm where it is possible for puppies to contract parasites, including Giardia and Coccidiosis, shortly before going to their new homes.  This Guarantee does not include parasites, giardia or coccidiosis, which can be common in puppies and easily treated by your veterinarian. 

5 Year Health Guarantee:
SELLER guarantees said puppy/dog against genetic health defects which veterinarian states will take this puppy/dog's life.  Diagnosis must be made and reported to SELLER before said puppy/dog reaches 5 years of age.  Upon receiving a written and signed statement from two licensed veterinarians, from two different clinics, BUYER may return said puppy/dog to SELLER at BUYERS expense.  SELLER will give BUYER one of two options.  The first option is that BUYER may return said puppy/dog to SELLER, at BUYERS expense.  SELLER will then replace said puppy/dog with a puppy/dog of equal value within a 14 month time frame.  (This 14 month time frame is to give SELLER adequate time for new litters to arrive).  The second option is the BUYER may choose to keep said puppy/dog and assume all medical expenses.  In this case, SELLER will refund 1/2 of the purchase price.   If dog dies unexpectedly within the first 5 years of life and an autopsy shows that the dog died as a result of a congenital/genetic health defect, Seller will provide Buyer a replacement puppy with the following conditions:  Two separate written veterinarian reports, with autopsy results, must be submitted to seller, in writing, within 72 hours of death.  Veterinarian and autopsy reports must be signed by two licensed veterinarians, from 2 different clinics.  Shipping of new puppy will be a the Buyer's expense.  Seller will not replace any dog without a record of proper maintenance of veterinary care, up to date records of vaccinations, de-worming, and heart worm protection.  Any physical problem which is, or could be, the result of injury, over feeding, under feeding,  or excessive crating are not covered under this guarantee.  *This 5 year health guaranty to be void if puppy/dog has been used for the purpose of breeding.  

SELLER makes no guaranty regarding accidental death, theft, non-genetic illness, deworming, or lack of proper care by the BUYER.

All guarantees shall become null and void if the puppy is sold, given away, or transferred to another person. 

One of the most important things you can do for the health of your puppy is to complete the deworming and vaccinations needed to ensure your puppy continues to enjoy good health.  Your veterinarian will set you up on a schedule for this.  We cannot guarantee total immunity for your puppy, as the shot(s) already received are just a few in a series.  Your veterinarian will need to complete them in a timely fashion.  Regular teeth cleaning by your veterinarian is also strongly recommended.

SELLER reserves the right to refuse the sale of puppie(s)/dog(s) to anyone.

SELLER reserves the right that in the event BREEDER/SELLER should discontinue breeding this breed of dog, this contract will become null and void.  

Buyer agrees that this puppy/dog will never be surrendered to an animal shelter or breed rescue.  In the event that BUYER is ever unable to keep said puppy/dog, BUYER may place the puppy/dog with a new owner who is a family member or friend, whom the buyer trusts, to provide excellent care and a lifelong home the puppy/dog.  Buyer agrees to notify Sherry Hardman of the transfer, including name, address and phone number of the person the dog will be transferred to before the transfer takes place.  If the dog is not placed with a family member or friend, BUYER agrees to contact SELLER for help placing the puppy/dog in a new home.  Or, the buyer may return the puppy/dog to the SELLER.  No refund will be issued to the buyer.    

BUYER agrees that this contract is non-transferable.  

BUYER will be picking up said puppy on the date of ____________  OR
BUYER would like puppy/dog to be shipped by airplane on the approximate date of ______________.
        The cost or shipping the puppy/dog is $___________ which includes airfare, crate, & health certificate.
        SELLER reserves the right to choose the airline, date, and time of flight.
        Major airport, city, and state puppy will be departing from:________________________________________________
        Major airport, city and state for puppy's final destination: _________________________________________________
        Name, address, and phone number of person who will be picking puppy up from the airport (the airport will check I.D.)
        Name of Airline: _______________________________________________________________________________
        Flight Number(s): ______________________________________________________________________________
        Scheduled departure time: _______________ Scheduled arrival time: _________________.
        *Airline shipping is dependent on temperatures and weather at both departure and destination locations and all stops 

Purchase price for puppy/dog is $_____________ less deposit of $_____________ = Balance Due of $ ___________
plus shipping fee of $____________ = $_____________ .  Total balance must be paid in full before puppy/dog is picked up or shipped to BUYER.

Methods of payment accepted for deposits:
    1.  Cash
    2.  Paypal to sherry.hardman@gmail.com  (must check family or friends)
    3.  Venmo to @Sherry-Hardman-1 (buyer protection must not be selected so that Seller is not charged a fee)
    4.  Money Order or Cashier Checks - (must be received at least 30 days prior to transfer of puppy/dog)
    5.  Personal checks will be accepted for a deposit amount up to $200 and must be received at least 30 days prior to transfer
        of puppy/dog.
    6.  Zelle

Final Payment must be paid in CASH when puppy is picked up by buyer.

If a puppy is shipped to buyer, final payment must be RECEIVED by seller through one of the methods listed above before the puppy is shipped.  

BUYER has read and understands the foregoing and agrees that all parts of this contract are a binding agreement with the SELLER.  Any disagreements resulting from the purchase of this dog will not be published by buyer, seller, or their associates on social media or on any media sites.  Damage for violation of this clause will be $5,000.   If either the BUYER or SELLER takes legal action regarding this contract, action will be initiated in the county of the SELLER's residence and legal fees and court costs shall be the responsibility of the party found at fault. 

SELLER'S SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________DATE: ___________________

BUYER'S SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________